FORUM Volume 65 (2023) Issue 1

ISSN 0963-8253

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Going their own ways: educational developments in Scotland and Wales


Editorial: Going their own ways: educational developments in Scotland and Wales, pages 4‑8
Patrick Yarker Free to download

Remembering Clyde Chitty, pages 9‑12
Richard Harris Free to download

Clyde Chitty: a personal tribute, pages 13‑13
Derek Gillard

Equality, democracy … and bumping up against each other, pages 14‑18
Nigel Gann

Scottish education. A crisis of confidence and trust, pages 19‑29
Walter Humes Free to download

Fertile and fruitful frisson. Raising the school starting age in Scotland, pages 30‑39
Lynn McNair

Scottish government educational research policy. Co-opting school-based research and deskilling teachers, pages 40‑54
Chris Holligan

School choice in Scotland and England. Divergent paths and different destinations, pages 55‑62
Aveek Battacharyah

Big changes! The great outdoors and the Curriculum for Wales, pages 63‑75
Glenda Tinney

Conceptualising higher education in Wales. Balancing local and global., pages 76‑86
Caroline Lewis

Promoting equity within education systems. Lessons from Great Britain, pages 87‑97
Mel Ainscow

Really saying something? Speaking up for authentic classroom talk, pages 98‑107
Rupert Knight

Talking outside The Box. Film as a stimulus for dialogic engagement around social justice issues, pages 108‑113
Daryn Egan-Simon

‘Not running, sir, we’re horses’. Reflections on play and playfulness, pages 114‑129
David Kazamias

The evil of authoritarian education. Banality and compliance in the neoliberal era, pages 130‑139
Matthew Clarke, Charlotte Haines Lyon

Schools and mental health. A progressive or adaptive model?, pages 140‑148
John Quicke

A road not taken. Harriet Johnson, Edmond Holmes and the dramatic method of education, pages 149‑157
Alan Parr

Letters, pages 157‑158
Derek Gillard, Charles Marshall


William Scott – Leadership for Sustainability: saving the planet one school at a time, pages 159‑163
Free to download

Patrick Yarker – Vygotsky the Teacher: a companion to his psychology for teachers and other practitioners, Myra Barrs, Routledge, 2022, pages 164‑168
Free to download

Rachel Marks – All-Attainment Teaching in Secondary Mathematics: philosophy, practice and social justice, pages 169‑173
Free to download

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