FORUM Volume 65 (2023) Issue 2

ISSN 0963-8253

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The end of the teacher?


Editorial, pages 4‑9
Patrick Yarker Free to download

Using a witch’s hat to avoid ‘the approved pattern’, pages 10‑21
Rosie Moore, Alison Hermon Free to download
Finding hope in a pedagogical stance that fosters quiet resistance

Beyond the core content framework, pages 22‑29
Daryn Egan-Simon
Using experiential learning to develop agentic, creative and reflexive student teachers

Reclaiming the narrative and re-professionalising the teacher, pages 30‑45
Lisa Murtagh, Elizabeth Gregory, Rosa Archer, Karen Beswick
Responding to the homogenous and prescriptive policy in ITE in England

Instructional coaching in the early career framework, pages 46‑58
Kathryn Spicksley
‘Judgementoring’ by another name?

The end of surprise?, pages 59‑71
Brian Rock
The state of the subject of secondary English and implications for initial teacher education

Reclaiming teaching as a profession based on autonomy and trust, pages 72‑82
Tony Eaude Free to download

Reclaiming professionalism in further education, pages 83‑93
Eddie Playfair

The three lessons. A fairy tale, pages 94‑96
Patrick Yarker

‘This is my city’. Reading photo-essays by my Berlin pupils, pages 97‑107
David Kazamias

Delivering a science of efficient effectiveness for stakeholders investing in children – or, the end of the teacher?, pages 108‑117
Alex Gardner-McTaggart

‘Dod yn ôl at fy nghoed, pages 118‑128
Dylan Adams, David Jardine
Trees, woods and a balanced state of mind’. Reflections on a new Curriculum for Wales

Book Reviews

Square Pegs: Inclusivity, compassion and fitting in – a guide for schools, Fran Morgan with Ellie Costello, and edited by Ian Gilbert, Crown House Publishing, 2023, pages 129‑132
Madeleine Holt Free to download

Encyclopaedia of Marxism and Education, Alpesh Maisuria (ed.), Brill Academic Publishers, 2022, pages 133‑137
James Craske Free to download

Classroom Talk in Practice: teachers’ experiences of oracy in action, Rupert Knight, Open University Press, 2022., pages 138‑140
Patrick Yarker Free to download

Ignorance, Sally Tomlinson, Agenda Publishing, 2022., pages 141‑145
Derek Gillard Free to download

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