Soundings Volume 1999 Issue 13

ISSN 1362-6620

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These Sporting Times


Editorial: The Lessons of Kosovo, pages ‑
Michael Rustin lock_openFree to download

New Left and New Labour Modernisation or a new modernity?, pages ‑
Geoff Andrews

Confronting Breast Cancer: Marvea's Story, pages ‑
Cherron Lee Johnson

Five poems, pages ‑
Geoffrey Adkins, Susanne Ehrhardt, Judith Kazantzis, Robin Leanse, Gregory Warren Wilson

Letter from Turkey, pages ‑
Fred Halliday

Rethinking 'Global' City Centres: The Example of Birmingham, pages ‑
Nick Henry, Adrian Passmore

The art of life, pages ‑
Jonathan Rutherford

Reviews, pages ‑
Angela McRobbie, Alyson Pendlebury, Andy Wallis

Introduction: These Sporting Times, pages ‑
Andrew Blake

This Sporting Nation, pages ‑
Carol Smith

Where's My Match? A British Subject Interrogates the National Broadcaster, pages ‑
Simon Cook

Tilting at Windmills: Manchester United and the Defeat of the BSkyB Bid, pages ‑
Adam Brown

The Legal Colonisation of Cricket, pages ‑
Steve Greenfield, Guy Osborn

Field Sports: The Pursuit of the Right?, pages ‑
Andrew Blake

Taking the Punches, pages ‑
Gemma Bryden

Making faces When socu-soap was young, pages ‑
Steve Hawes

Staging the spectacle Reflections on Olympic and World Cup ceremonies, pages ‑
Alan Tomlinson

Ask him, referee! Wrestling in Romsey, pages ‑
Alastair Loadman

Notes on Camp: New Labour and the Body(building) Politic, pages ‑
Adam Locks

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