Soundings Volume 2001 Issue 18

ISSN 1362-6620

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A Very British Affair


Editorial: Markets and Democracy, pages ‑
Doreen Massey, Michael Rustin lock_openFree to download

Introduction: Questions of Democracy, pages ‑
Doreen Massey

From Beswick to Brazil, pages ‑
Hilary Wainwright

New Deal in Kilburn, pages ‑
Angie Birtill

Cleansing the Rascals from the Castle, pages ‑
Beatrix Campbell

Whose community?, pages ‑
Jane Foot

The Partido dos Trabalhadores in São Paulo, pages ‑
Csaba Deak

Berlusconi's Finest Hour, pages ‑
Geoff Andrews

Through the Looking Glass: Alice in Asia, pages ‑
Glyn Ford

Anorexic and Passive Resistance: A Literary Case Study, pages ‑
Jane Desmarais

Four poems, pages ‑
Gregory Warren Wilson, Caroline Price, Sue Gardener

Reviews, pages ‑
Peter Redman, Matthew Beaumont, David Featherstone

Introduction: A Very British Revolution, pages ‑
Gerry Hassan lock_openFree to download

After Blair: The Future of Britishness, pages ‑
Gerry Hassan, Jim McCormick

England's Screaming, pages ‑
Mark Perryman

The Dull Consensus of Scottish Identity, pages ‑
Katie Grant

The Protean British Identity in Britain and Northern Ireland, pages ‑
Cathal McCall

Devolution and Identities: The Experience of Ethnic Minorities in Wales, pages ‑
Charlotte Williams, Paul Chaney

Transforming the United Kingdom: The View from Dublin, pages ‑
John Coakley, Kevin Howard

Feminising Politics: Lessons from Scotland and Wales, pages ‑
Mary-Ann Stephenson

Keep the Clause: Section 28 and the Politics of Sexuality in Scotland and the UK, pages ‑
David T. Evans

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