Soundings Volume 2003 Issue 23

ISSN 1362-6620

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Who Needs History


Editorial: Focussing the critique, pages ‑
Michael Rustin, Sally Davison lock_openFree to download

Global democracy and the Iraq crisis, pages ‑
Michael Rustin

Iran at the crossroads: Democratisation and the dialectics of the revolution, pages ‑
Ali Ansari

Geographical imaginations: Post-modern imperialism and the project of European political integration, pages ‑
Costis Hadjimichalis, Ray Hudson

The failures of privatisation, pages ‑
Christian Wolmar

The meaning of modernisation, pages ‑
Alan Finlayson

Sex, gender and migrations: Facing up to ambiguous realities, pages ‑
Laura Agustin

Chickens come home to roast, pages ‑
G.C. Harcourt

Five poems, pages ‑
Alice Beer, Frances Angela, Martha Kapos, Terence Dooley, Patrick Hobbs

Reviews, pages ‑
Chris Pawling, Jo Littler, Caroline Bainbridge, Candida Yates

Introduction: Why the left needs history, pages ‑
Geoff Andrews

Rummaging in Trotsky's dustbin. Or: what does the left need with history?, pages ‑
Kevin Morgan lock_openFree to download

New left, new pasts?, pages ‑
Ilaria Favretto

What can the left learn from 1968? The Czechoslovak crisis, the left in Western Europe, revolution and reform, pages ‑
Maud Bracke

Capturing the Labour Party: A masterplan that went wrong, pages ‑
John Callaghan

What can the left learn from history?, pages ‑
Willie Thompson

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