Soundings Volume 2012 Issue 50

ISSN 1362-6620

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Where's Labour?


Editorial: Where's Labour, pages ‑
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Wanted - a new strategy for the centre left, pages ‑
Patrick Diamond, Michael Kenny

Look for the cracks: Don't throw yourself against the wall, pages ‑
Neal Lawson, Jon Wilson

Reflecting on the student movement, pages ‑
Guy Aitchison, Jeremy Gilbert

From 'vulnerable' to vanguard: challenging the Coalition, pages ‑
Peter Beresford

What happened to democratic leadership?, pages ‑
Michael Rustin, David Armstrong

The de-industrial revolution, pages ‑
Aditya Chakrabortty

A beautifying lie? Culture and kitsch @ London2012, pages ‑
Phil Cohen

Red, white and blue Labour, pages ‑
Mark Perryman

Reviews, pages ‑
Alan Finlayson, Tess Lanning

The Euro crisis, European neoliberalism and the need for a European welfare state, pages ‑
Engelbert Stockhammer

Learning from Latin America, pages ‑
Doreen Massey

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