Soundings Volume 2022 Issue 80

ISSN 1362-6620

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Political shifts


We want ourselves alive and debt free!, pages 9‑21
Jo Littler interviews Verónica Gago lock_openFree to download

Levelling up versus democratic localism, pages 22‑36
Rhian E. Jones

The contradictions of Green New Deals: green sacrifice and colonialism, pages 37‑50
Christos Zografos lock_openFree to download

Moral crisis/moral critique?, pages 51‑64
Adam Standring, Matthew Donoghue

The many pieces of the Covid-19 jigsaw: some reflections on waves one and two, pages 65‑81
Steve Iliffe, Jill Manthorpe

Entanglements: the IHRA, Jews and non-White minorities, pages 82‑96
Moshe Behar

Korean Peninsula: is a turn from armistice to peace possible?, pages 97‑110
Glyn Ford

Reviews, pages 111‑114
Hannah Hamad lock_openFree to download

Review essay: Cosmopolitanism in the ‘provinces’, pages 115‑122
Sivamohan Valluvan

Reflections on the spaces of populist politics in Europe, pages 123‑151

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