There is power in a good question

Soundings - ISSN 1362-6620
Volume 2023 Number 83

There is power in a good question
Vron Ware interviews Jo Littler, pages 113-126
DOI: 10.3898/SOUN.83.08.2023


In Left Feminisms: Conversations on the personal and the political, published by Lawrence & Wishart in March 2023, Jo Littler interviews fourteen feminist academics, including Vron Ware. In this interview, Vron Ware turned the tables to interview Jo Littler about the book, the process of compiling it, and her other work. This other work includes the books The Politics of Heritage: The legacies of ‘race’, with Roshi Naidoo (Routledge, 2005); Against Meritocracy: Culture, Power and Myths of Mobility (Routledge 2018); and, with The Care Collective, The Care Manifesto (Verso, 2020).

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Vron Ware (2023) There is power in a good question, Soundings, 2023(83), 113-126.

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