Soundings Volume 2023 Issue 83

ISSN 1362-6620

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Ocean justice: rethinking global justice from the sea, pages 8‑20
Antje Scharenberg talks to Chris Armstrong Free to download

Institutional failure: policing in permacrisis, pages 21‑33
Karim Murji
Systemic and structural failings can only be addressed by systemic and structural change

New management, old energy: The UK Labour party’s revanchist energy policy, pages 34‑52
Gareth Fearn Free to download
Why an energy policy trapped in neoliberal ideology cannot succeed

Getting our house in order: speaking publicly of failure in left organisation Conversations with Debs Grayson, pages 53‑73
Conversations with Debs Grayson
Debs Grayson talks to people involved in The Canary, #MeTU and Campaign Bootcamp

The end of education policy?, pages 74‑89
Helen M. Gunter, Steven J. Courtney
Educational decisions are being made through corporate market exchanges rather than public policy

To be Heard through the #MeToo backlash, pages 90‑101
Sabrina Moro, Giuseppina Sapio, Charlotte Buisson, Noémie Trovato, Zoé Duchamp
The Depp v. Heard case was a flashpoint in the intense online battle between popular feminism and its misogynist backlash

Regionalism, devolution and infrastructure, pages 102‑112
Janice Morphet
Equal regional infrastructure investment is unlikely to be delivered by an unconstrained and centralised state

There is power in a good question, pages 113‑126
Vron Ware interviews Jo Littler Free to download

Reviews and review articles

Sobia Ahmad Kaker on Caroline Knowles’s Serious Money: Walking Plutocratic London, pages 127‑130
Free to download

Antje Scharenberg on Alice Hattrick’s Ill Feelings, pages 131‑135
Free to download

Mark Schmitt on Stuart Hall: Selected Writings on Marxism, pages 136‑141

Michael Rustin on Thomas Piketty’s Capitalism and Ideology, pages 142‑152

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