FORUM Volume 44 (2002) Issue 3

ISSN 0963-8253

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Editorial. Sinking Outside the Box, pages 93‑93
Annabelle Dixon

New Labour's Policy on Inclusion: will practice match principles?, pages 94‑98
Mary Hope

The Inclusive Curriculum: an education for the benefit of all young people?, pages 99‑102
Clyde Chitty

Drama: a post-National Curriculum overview of drama in education, pages 103‑106
Patrice Baldwin

The Global Classroom and Learning School Projects: making it real. An account of innovative schools-based projects, pages 107‑109
Gregor Sutherland

The Reintegration Centre at the City of Ely Community College: working with students, pages 110‑112
David Reeves

Literary Strategy: meet the Simpsons, pages 113‑116
Helen Bromley

The Foundation Stage: a problem of competing philosophies, pages 117‑120
Nansi Ellis

International Equity Indicators in Education: defending comprehensive schools III, pages 121‑122
Emma Smith, Stephen Gorard

reviews Harry Judge's Faith-based Schools and the State, pages 123‑124
Derek Gillard

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