FORUM Volume 64 (2022) Issue 3

ISSN 0963-8253

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A fully trust-led system?


Editorial, pages 4‑10
Patrick Yarker lock_openFree to download

The Schools White Paper (2022) and ‘regimes of truth’, pages 11‑20
Hilary Povey, James Whiting lock_openFree to download

The education reform claimocracy and the academisation and MATification of schools in England, pages 21‑31
Helen M. Gunter, Belinda C Hughes

Teacher learning in a shifting school landscape: the implications of academisation for professional development in primary mathematics, pages 32‑41
Catherine Gripton, Georgina Hudson, Toby Greany, Andrew Noyes, Thomas Cowhitt lock_openFree to download

Flippin’ academy governance: top-down to bottom-up , pages 42‑53
Andrew Allen

In place of academies. Where next for democratic school governance?, pages 54‑57
Michael Pyke

What are free schools, and what are they free from?, pages 58‑62
David Bray

From the FORUM archive: Radical policies, progressive modernisation and deepening democracy: the academies programme in action, pages 63‑72
Stephen J. Ball lock_openFree to download

Winning back our schools: fighting academisation with the Give Us Back Our Schools campaign, pages 73‑81
Ian Duckett, Melanie Griffiths

Academisation: a balanced, fair, even-handed debate, pages 82‑87
Terry Edwards, Carl Parsons

Always at the crossroads: progressive education today; a round-table discussion, pages 88‑113
Melissa Benn, Robin Alexander, Paula Ayliffe, Madeleine Holt, John Yandell

George Orwell is watching you! School behaviour policies and social justice, pages 114‑125
Barry Dufour

The slide to authoritarianism in English schools, pages 126‑139
Diane Reay

Something wasn’t right … democratic experiences for children in a Scottish primary school , pages 140‑153
Andrew Killen, Chris Holligan

Questionable questioning, and imposter syndrome: a provocation and two reminiscences , pages 154‑158
Colin Richards

Community comprehensive education: an effective way forward for everyone, pages 159‑175
Jane Martin, Chris Millward

Book Review: What is Education About? And other articles., pages 176‑178
Patrick Yarker lock_openFree to download

Book Review: About our Schools: improving on previous best, pages 179‑182
Robert Poole lock_openFree to download

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