Soundings Volume 2000 Issue 16

ISSN 1362-6620

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Civil Society


Editorial: The return of the political repressed, pages ‑
Michael Rustin lock_openFree to download

Borrowing to Make Others Rich, pages ‑
Mike Howells

Between You and Me: Living with Difference, pages ‑
Emma Satyamurti

Five poems, pages ‑
Paul Allen, Catherine Byron, Susie Campbell, Michael Laskey, Frances Wilson

New Labour and constitutional reform: Why not introduce compulsory voting in all elections ?, pages ‑
G.C. Harcourt

Posoltega, pages ‑
Paulette Goudge

Sanitising South Africa, pages ‑
Simon Lewis

Disintegrative pressure and the sociology of disintegration: Bourdieu's Weight of the World Review article by Tom Wengraf, pages ‑

Reviews, pages ‑
Rosalind Delmar, Jonathan Hearn, Andrew Blake

Introduction: After success - the politics of civil society, pages ‑
Andreas Hess

Contradictions: The uncivilising pressures of space, time and function, pages ‑
Jeffrey C. Alexander

Civil society and violence: A critique of John Keane, pages ‑
Robert Fine

Narrating evil: Moral theory as a bridge between the aesthetic and the moral, pages ‑
Maria Pia Lara

Towards a European civil society?, pages ‑
William Outhwaite

Misunderstandings and misleading stereotypes: A Western feminist goes East, pages ‑
Claire Wallace

Silesian Lutherans: A Polish religious minority with a confused history in the borderlands of Central Europe, pages ‑
Grazyna Kubica-Heller

Ends or means? Problems of republican discourse in contemporary Britain, pages ‑
Jonathan Freedland, Andreas Hess

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