Soundings Volume 2009 Issue 41

ISSN 1362-6620

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Recession Blues


Editorial: Recession Politics, pages ‑
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Private equity and the credit crunch, pages ‑
Adam Leaver

The housing disaster, pages ‑
Toby Lloyd

Financial bubbles and economic crises, pages ‑
Carlota Perez, Jonathan Rutherford

Adult responsibility in insecure times, pages ‑
Kate Crawford

Life on credit, pages ‑
Zygmunt Bauman

Tax justice and secrecy jurisdictions, pages ‑
Richard Murphy

City pay, pages ‑
Julie Froud

Iraq's new ruling elite, pages ‑
Toby Dodge

Food sovereignty: time to choose sides, pages ‑
Anthony Jackson, Eve Mitchell

The undeserving poor, pages ‑
Heather Nunn, Anita Biressi

Reviews, pages ‑
Tony Blackshaw, Pat Devine, Richard Johnson

Poems, pages ‑
Alvin Pang, Andrea Brady, Siddhartha Bose

End of the line for general practice?, pages ‑
Stephen Amiel

The problem with being private, pages ‑
John Launer

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