Soundings Volume 2016 Issue 64

ISSN 1362-6620

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Critical times


Editorial: critical times, pages ‑
Dave Featherstone lock_openFree to download

The English NHS: from market failure to trust, professionalism and democracy, pages ‑
Colin Leys lock_openFree to download

After Brexit, pages ‑
Marina Prentoulis, Roshi Naidoo, Danny Dorling, Ash Ghadiali, Teresa Piacentini, Richard Corbett, Cian O’Callaghan, Mary Gilmartin , Rooham Jamali , Nick Dearden lock_openFree to download

Rethinking public ownership, pages ‑
Andy Cumbers, Ross Beveridge, Matthias Naumann, Lazaros Karaliotas, Angela Last

Beyond mere equality - a politics of class analysis not ‘evidence’, pages ‑
David Byrne

‘Of course we do’: inequality, the family, and the spell of social mobility, pages ‑
Gideon Calder

A tale of three disputes: junior doctors against the government 2015-2016, pages ‑
Steve Iliffe

Poems about migration, pages ‑

Living the crisis through ten moments, pages ‑
Ben Carrington lock_openFree to download

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