Soundings Volume 2013 Issue 55

ISSN 1362-6620

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Values as commodities


Common-sense neoliberalism, pages ‑
Stuart Hall, Alan O'Shea lock_openFree to download

Parties, causes and political power, pages ‑
Ben Little lock_openFree to download

After the burn: TED in Long Beach, pages ‑
Jason Wilson

Social mobility: the politics, the reality, the alternative, pages ‑
Vikki Boliver, David Byrne

Austerity parenting, pages ‑
Tracey Jensen

The piratical is political, pages ‑
Virginia Crisp

Gender and politics in the devolved assemblies, pages ‑
Sylvia Shaw

Black internationalism, anti-fascism and the makings of solidarity, pages ‑
David Featherstone

Three nature poems, pages ‑
Clare Pollard, James Goodman, Kate Potts

Reviews, pages ‑
Emma Dowling, John Clarke, Jon Wilson

Enfield: new directions with big business, pages ‑
Alan Sitkin

Trouble in Austeria, pages ‑
John Grahl

An economic policy for a post-neoliberal world, pages ‑
Bryan Gould

Editorial: Values as commodities, pages ‑

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