FORUM Volume 66 (2024) Issue 1

ISSN 0963-8253

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New thinking!


Editorial: New thinking!, pages 4‑9
Patrick Yarker lock_openFree to download

Today’s teachers: who are we? Teachers’ perceptions of their profession in complex times, pages 10‑16
Erica Halley

Was the UK government’s national tutoring programme ever fit for purpose?, pages 17‑28
Julie Platten

Making history powerful, pages 29‑40
Abigail Milligan lock_openFree to download

Cultural capital, accountability and equity: time for a rethink?, pages 41‑51
Brian Stillings

‘I was trapped in a cycle and had no choice’. School mental health provision: casting a spurious veil over the real issues, pages 52‑64
Claire Plews

‘Teachers as historical agents’: an interview with Maria Nikolakaki, pages 65‑74
David Kazamias

A socialist manifesto for education and beyond, pages 75‑90
James Whiting, Ian Duckett lock_openFree to download

Joining the dots? Special education and alternative provision, pages 91‑99
Sally Tomlinson, Craig Johnston

‘Free, optional and adaptable’: Oak National Academy and the governing of teachers’ choices, pages 100‑114
Patrick Yarker

Demonic education: rethinking education through a political theology lens, pages 115‑129
Charlotte Haines Lyon lock_openFree to download

Ofsted’s agendas

Letters: Ofsted’s agendas, pages 130‑131
Colin Richards

Book Reviews

Creativity in the English Curriculum: historical perspectives and future directions, Lorna Smith, Routledge, 2023, pages 132‑137
Derek Gillard lock_openFree to download

Slow Knowledge and the Unhurried Child: time for slow pedagogies in early childhood education, Alison Clark, Routledge, 2023., pages 138‑141
Rachel Marks lock_openFree to download

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