Soundings Volume 2014 Issue 58

ISSN 1362-6620

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Dialogue and memory


Editorial: Dialogue and memory, pages ‑

Feminism, generation and intersectionality, pages ‑
Alison Winch

The fortunes of socialist feminism: Interview with Nancy Fraser, pages ‑
Jo Littler, Nancy Fraser lock_openFree to download

Still living with sexism (after all these years), pages ‑
Susan Douglas

Resilience is futile, pages ‑
Kristina Diprose lock_openFree to download

Labour and the battle of ideas, pages ‑
David Featherstone

A state for the commons: neoliberalism through the lens of advice work, pages ‑
Sam Kirwan

Community number capture, pages ‑
Gerry Aiken

Whose time is it anyway?, pages ‑
Sarah Benton

Poems from Smokestack, pages ‑
John Berger

Poppies, Tommies and remembrance, pages ‑
Maggie Andrews

Rethinking the neoliberal world order, pages ‑
Michael Rustin, Doreen Massey lock_openFree to download

Ernesto Laclau (1935-2014): an appreciation, pages ‑
David Slater

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