Soundings Volume 2015 Issue 59

ISSN 1362-6620

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Dare to win


Editorial: Dare to win, pages ‑
David Featherstone, Deborah Grayson, Ben Little lock_openFree to download

Elections and political change, pages ‑
Doreen Massey, Michael Rustin lock_openFree to download

Roundtable: Scotland's road to the future, pages ‑
Gerry Hassan, Eleanor Yule, Cat Boyd, Anni Pues

Democracy in the workplace, pages ‑
Frances O'Grady, Mark Langhammer, Chris Winch

Resources for an English socialism, pages ‑
Paul Salveson

Occupy and the 99%, pages ‑
Jacob Mukherjee

Race, migration and neoliberalism, pages ‑
Sally Davison, George Shire lock_openFree to download

Energy beyond neoliberalism, pages ‑
lock_openFree to download

All that is solid melts into air: climate change and neoliberalism, pages ‑
Guy Shrubsole

Memories of the future: an essay on hope and fear, pages ‑
James Marriott

Reviews, pages ‑
Daniel Trilling, Pat Devine, Michael Rustin

Poems, pages ‑
Michael Rosen

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